Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hooray for him...

This past week, a student handed in a short story. He did not want to hand his persuasive essay, and my journals drive him absolutely batty. So.. he asked me if he could hand in a short story.

"Sure thing!" I said.

The short story was so good. I had my doubts. Sure, it was written in his handwriting. But... there were only a few misspelled words. That didn't make sense. This kid doesn't even know how to spell Spain.... However, I look closely and see eraser marks. As though it had been written over when the correct spelling had been found.

Then... I asked J-bird's advice. He told me to google it. I found no story similar to this on the internet. Then, I checked a plagiarism checker... Ha! I knew I had him now. Hmmmm.... according to the checker, this kid seems legit.

Hmmm... I knew it! I always suspected this kid had it in him! Hooray for me.

Well, perhaps Hooray for him!

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