Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Us and Them---

Last week, we read "Us and Them" by David Sedaris. I found it in the next addition of our textbook. I found a clean copy on the internet. I was thrilled.

What I found most unusual is that each class had a different reaction. My seventh period listened to it twice. They laughed each time. They liked it. I think this piece made them laugh more than any other piece.

Sixth hour, however, was on the floor laughing. They had tears in their eyes. At first, one of my students was offended.

"Mrs. Aakhus... is he making fun of people who don't watch t.v.?"

"No. He's making fun of himself for making fun of people who don't watch t.v."

We listened and read the story. We laughed. I snorted.

The next day, second hour listened and read the story...

"Mrs. Aakhus, I don't get it."

I was offended. It was as if I had written it myself. They didn't like it. I was a little hurt in fact. And then, I remembered, I DIDN'T write it.

The problem with sharing your favorite authors. Someone may not like them. It's like they don't like your best friend. It hurts a bit.

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