Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Birthday Reminder...

Next week, the beautiful Natalie June will be eleven. Now what to get her for her birthday? I have no idea. It used to be so easy. Barbie dolls. Baby dolls. Lincoln Logs. Now she is just five inches shorter than I. Do we just go to the Gap? Do we go get a manicure together? Do I buy her an ipod dock?

I started mourning her childhood. And then, thank goodness she made her own tree fort. A little girl would do that. A little girl would take all of her dad's tree branches and just use them before he started cutting them into his wood pile for his shop. I don't have to say goodbye to her childhood just yet.

When her birthday approaches, I always remember what it was like to be an expectant mother. I remember the dreams I had. Once I dreamed that I had her at home. I couldn't make it to the hospital on time even though we lived two blocks away from the hospital. I dreamed that I took her in my arms and told Jason, "Look, it's a Natalie June." I had dreamed she how beautiful she was.

A week later, I had my ultrasound. The technician wasn't going to tell me what she was because Jason didn't want to know. I told the technician that Jason wasn't his patient. I was.

Oh.. and in case you didn't know... I was right about Nat being a girl.

My sister was pregnant at the same time. She was convinced that she was having a girl too. I said, "Sorry. I dreamed Natalie was playing with a little boy." And of course, I was right.

One thing the surprised me about being pregnant was how much Natalie moved. I remember taking a bath and watching her kick around. My belly looked like a microwave popcorn bag with all the movements.

I knew people could feel the baby move. I knew moms could feel the baby move. But I was surprised at how you could practically see an elbow move back and forth across my belly.

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