Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Happy Couple

Yesterday, I spent the day in Fargo. I was browsing around JoAnn Fabric's with my mom when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone familiar. "Hmmm..." I thought. "That guy looks like Steve S. from grade school." But, I kept walking because I wasn't sure it was him, and I'm a little shy at times.

Every five years or so, I see Steve. He was a nice kid. Kind of shy. You know the type. I liked to aggravate him and poke his neck with my pencil. Why did I do that? Who knows. I remember him stealing my pencil once or twice, so eventually I stopped.

I went to the till to pay for my purchases, and a couple and their mom came up behind me. And then, I realized... It WAS Steve S.

I looked at him and smiled and asked "Are you Steve?"

And he smiled shyly and nodded and then introduced his wife.

And his wife was beautiful. And kind. And grandma showed me pictures of their babies. And I was SO happy for Steve because he deserved to be happy.

It's funny how you can meet your friends' spouses or significant others and sometimes, they'll make a bad impression. And you'll think, "Hey you prick get away from my friend." I mean... I really do think that. I try not to say anything because everyone wants to find out their S.O is a prick on their own...

But with Steve, I could see in a minute that he found someone who truly loved him. Steve had married a kindred spirit who was excited just to meet me because I had known Steve once when he was a child. And in that five minute exchange, my life seemed a little brighter because I knew one of my childhood friends had a good life and a kind wife.

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