Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grammar Girl Storms the Seventh Grade

So lately, we've been listening to Grammar Girl's podcast - "Quick and Dirty Tips" I have students take notes on the content. Seventh Grade has to find three facts they find interesting. Eighth grade has to find five. We talk about the facts. I have the kids turn in their notes for accountability.

We listened to one podcast about appropriateness of language, one podcast about how teens effect the evolution of the English podcast, and another on how to capitalize what needs capitalization.

I tweeted to Grammar Girl that the students enjoyed her podcast entitled "Yo Momma." She direct messaged me back. They were thrilled. I put my fingers together and said "Grammar Girl and I are like this!"

"Ooooooo." They awed.

I'm not sure they were really amazed or were making fun of me... But, let's just pretend.

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