Friday, March 5, 2010

Chuck Norris

Did you know it's Chuck Norris' Birthday on Wednesday, March 10th 2010?

He'll be seventy. And so just so you know - There will be 150 students and teachers wearing Chuck Norris T-shirts to celebrate in Fosston.

One of my Students decided to sell T-shirts for the event- expecting to sell about ten - but as I said before - he's sold about 150. Our superintendant will even be wearing a T-shirt that day.

This afternoon, he called all of the local news stations. I mean ALL.

I have to tell you... that all of these phone calls have made my day.

Uhh Hello? I've got a news story for you? Ummmm Yeah? This is Christian R. Landsverk of Fosston High School, and Umm yeah - ummm Did you know that it's Chuck Norris' Birthday on Wednesday, March 10th? Umm Yeah?"

Sometimes, they blew him off - sometimes- well, they let him talk - because who wouldn't want to hear an 8th grader rave and rave about Chuck Norris?

Christian has started a blog - you can read along at

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