Monday, March 8, 2010

Wednesday - March 10th

Chuck's birthday will be celebrated- Christian called up WDAZ - Terry Dullum will be coming - as in Terry Dullum from "The Dullum Files."

Also Lakeland Public Television will be coming from Bemidji!

And, the Grand Forks Herald!

And, The Fargo Forum.

I don't think they are coming because we love Chuck Norris in Fosston - I think they are coming to meet this persuasive 8th grader who has us all laughing and smiling. I think they heard this boy on the phone and how he his art project snow-balled.

I think people like hearing stories on how a teacher can believe in a student - and stay after school to make 160 t-shirts. And how the janitors rush to the room to put their names on the specific shirt they wanted and giggle because they got one.

Excuse me - I need a kleenex - Gowrsh - I love my job.

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