Sunday, March 14, 2010

Multicultural Day - Brownie Style.

Yesterday, the brownies went on an excursion to Grand Forks to a council-wide event. The council brochure had advertised "Ethnic Foods, Dances, Storytelling, Learn about Languages and much, much more."

I thought this sounds fun.

And it was.

University of North Dakota's Multicultural Center
volunteered for the event. Student interns and Teacher Assistants taught the girls dances, games, and languages from Africa. Allison's favorite was playing Mancala the ancient game from Africa and Asia. She also played "Ichi Ni San Shi Go - " a game from Japan.

I noticed the girls were pretty thrilled at the idea of speaking Swahili and Hindi. Allison has been calling Natalie "Dada" for sister all morning.

The girls' eyes were opened. I forgot what it's like to have my eyes freshly opened to the cultures of another land.

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