Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Kids

Dear Kids,

I went to your parents' wedding, and even though you could not attend, (you don't exist yet) I got to be there.

Your mom was beautiful. Grandma Jean was beaming. Grandma and Grandpa Foster were glowing. And even though, it was raining outside, we danced for joy at the union of such beautiful people.

Your mom and dad picked out the most beautiful poetry and music. Their vows were sincere, joyful, and funny. We all cried because we were so happy!!

Your mom has the kindest, open heart. She loves loving people and hearing their stories. I always strive to be as wise as your mother, and I hope you always consider her advice to heart.

I haven't known your father as long as the twenty-four years your mom has been in my life. I just know I love how he sparkles because he wants to give her the world. I want you to know that I love how much he loves her.

So, Dear Kids, I know your dad has been writing you for the past few months on a blog of his own- but I just wanted you to know how a simple friend was there and got to see the beginning of your family

Your Future Friend,


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lectrixie said...

Thanks, Bobbi! You are so sweet and this made me cry a little. :)

Love you.