Monday, June 14, 2010

Friends Forever

You know how everyone writes in your yearbook - "Friends Forever!" OR "BFF" Or "FA" or anything else like that?

Well, that actually happens. Well with me, it does. My friends from high school and I still hang.... Seriously - and it's been (cough*) eighteen years since we've graduated.

This weekend, Sarie got married! Road trip! Hooray!!!! We packed ourselves into Heather's Trailblazer, and drove the six hours down the cities.
I wish I had pictures from back in the days when we were eighteen and dancing at the Plummer dances. I just know that we always end up laughing at the days we were young and head banging in the Plummer City Hall.
We know everything about each other. We know each boyfriend and the hang ups each one had. Angie, on the left, was the first of us to get married. I was the second. We've danced at each others weddings and even held each other through many of life's disappointments. We've laughed at famous stories of attending wedding dances with "flashers." We know each crush and giggle every time it's brought up.

I'm not sure how many people can say they've had the same friends for over twenty years?


Safety-Lady said...

Not many! You're blessed to have such great friends and to be such a great friend for them!

lectrixie said...

Love it!!! We are awesome. :)

ME said...

:) Thanks!