Saturday, June 19, 2010

Her Blankie

Natalie just got back from Bible Camp up at Lake of The Woods.  In the five days she was at camp, Nat showered once.  I noticed that after stepping out into the rain on the way home and returning to the car after a pit stop - I smelled wet dog.  I'm not naming names - but- yikes.

(Can you imagine the poor counselor in their cabin?  Ten adolescent girls in one cabin - and they've showered maybe once the entire five days. P.U.)

I dumped out her laundry and started washing away.  I found her sleeping bag.  There at the bottom of the bag was the flannel blanket I made her with the inscription "Love, Mom" in the corner.  She's pretty independent going to camp, making new friends, and making her own adventures.  She still has a need to be reminded that mom loves her!

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