Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nat and My Book Club

This summer, Natalie and I accidentally started a book club. Nat was looking at my pile of books that I brought home from school. I handed her Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. I had just finished reading it the week before.

"Mom, is Annabeth the spy?"

"Not saying."

"Mom, did his mom really die?"

"Isn't that what the book says?"

Natalie started talking to me about the book. She loved it. When we went to the cities, she begged and begged to go to the bookstore and get the second book.

We found ourselves in the YA section of the Barnes and Noble at the Mall of America. We searched and searched and couldn't find The Sea of Monsters. We found an employee, and she set us up.

"If you like Rick Riordan, you'll love this." She handed us the first in the Fablehaven series.

Natalie smiled on politely while we talked about young adult literature - that is the cross an English teacher's daughter must bare - though I don't think Nat minds.

Natalie and I have been book sharing and discussing the books as we hand them back and forth. Right now, Nat is at camp with The Curse of the Titans, Fablehaven, and another book I thought she'd adore So Be It.

I have to admit. This is what I always wanted - to share books with my daughter and hear her gush about the adventure - to ask her what she thought of the characters.

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