Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burnin' Love for the Pool

Last night, we had our annual pool party.  About 120 people showed it. The kids were real party animals..

That reminds me of the time I was pool manager.  We had the worst time with the heaters... and all the pool heating up one summer. 

One June morning, we noticed that the pool was too cold for lessons.  So, we put the tarps on the pool and decided to let the heaters do their work. 

I came in to check on things.  I opened the equipment room door and noticed that one of the heaters was on fire.

Wait a minute?


Yep... Fire.

Well... I grabbed the fire extinguisher, but decided to get some advice from the dispatcher first.

"Hey ahhhh  This is Bobbi from over at the pool... and we have a fire in the chemical room...  I'm going in... but if I don't come back online would you send an ambulance?"

They convinced me to wait for the fire department - but to go ahead and turn off the main gas line as soon as possible - of course, I needed some reminding of exactly where that was.

I remember waving good-bye to the firemen from the front door after they extinguished the fire.

And, that's how we got a new pool heater at the pool.

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