Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Weight of the Sky

I was talking to a fellow summer school teacher this morning before parting our separate ways.  We talked about our different AYP stages at our separate schools.  It turns out he is on the AYP committee at his school just I was at our school. We both met with the experts from the Northwest Service Center and remembered that 45% of all Minnesota schools are  on AYP because of Special Education cells. 

Hmmm...  Can you imagine the can of worms that opens?  How do you push a student to pass a standardized test when that student is anything but standardized. Can you imagine how difficult it is to fill in a bubble if you're dyslexic?  I hope you don't know what that feels like.  It's pretty discouraging.

Luckily, many of the students can have tests read to them.  They can go to separate rooms with less distractions.  They can have tests blown up so they are more easily read.  And even though these students have accommodations, there is still a pressure on them as heavy as the weight on Atlas' shoulder.

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