Monday, July 26, 2010

Studying for the Big Test

Today, We'll be reading Gary Paulsen's "Stop the Sun" as a group.  We are going to use the short story to review the elements of the short story - you know - conflict, plot elements, characterization, theme, mood, tone, and conflict..  I'd really like to get a log in to a teacher's computer to show the kids this video.

Of course, youtube is restricted for students. I'm not a regular contracted teacher - so I've been logging on as a student.
I love how he says "I'm THAT other boy."  It brings tears to my eyes to think of it.  Gary Paulsen even grew up in Thief River Falls.  The same place these kids are living - experiencing many of the same frustrations as he did. 

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TeacherScribe said...

There's a great interview with Paulson on iTunes. It's a podcast from Barnes & Nobles' "Meet the Author" series. You should be able to access that.