Saturday, April 16, 2011

Filling my Cup

I've been busy taking care of my sister's children and updating her caringbridge site while teaching and taking care of my own family.

I need to make sure my own cup is filled.  I've been continuing my journey to better health by exercising and eating right.  I feel healthy and that is good. 

For the past lenten season, I've been attending Wednesday services.  Usually, one of the groups at church provide a light supper with some yummy bars or pie. 

When Missi told me about her coming battle, I was shattered because I knew it would difficult with my mom having cancer.  I also thought of Missi's three children.  I went to the Wednesday service.  I don't remember what the visiting pastor said or what the bible text was - but the congregation sang this song...

My heart was filled such peace. It sounded as though angels were singing to me.

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