Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Year Ago

I was struggling with my own battle. I was laid off from my school.  I wasn't sure to be mad at - and that was frustrating.   But at the time, I was in a big funk.  I knew I would be okay financially.  I even knew I'd get over the initial pain.  My brain was very philosophical, and I knew that God had a plan for me somewhere else. 

I taught at the ALC last summer.  I subbed at various classrooms and found out that subbing wasn't for me.  Then, I heard about a courageous woman who was losing her battle with cancer and wasn't only having to leave behind her kids but her Spanish class as well.

I ended up teaching that Spanish class.  I'm at the best school I've ever taught at.  I love my job.  I'm so happy here.

Sometimes, it's really hard to understand the journey.  I have to learn to stop trying.


Safety-Lady said...

I've found that most of the time when God closes one door, He opens another...and sometimes even better...door. It's just hard to accept the closing of the first door! Having been in your shoes, I am praying hard for you and your family. Missi is lucky to have such a loyal, loving sister!

ME said...

Thank you. I'm humbled.