Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Internets

One piece of advice I've clung to since my mom and sister were diagnosed is to stay clear of the internet medical sites. They are not up-to-date.  Medical sites can not keep up to the research.

When Missi or mom visit their oncologists, the oncologist is always positive and says "The prognosis is good."  And so I take my cue from them - the experts on my mom and sister at the time. 

There is no website, other than Missi's caringbridge site, that has expertise on HER leukemia.  There is no website that has expertise on my mom's cancer.

There is no reason to read through those websites and scare the snap out of myself.  I can only look forward and make sure Missi's family has a healthy meal at the end of the day and some clean clothes. 

I can only find comfort in the kids who sing and dance in my kitchen and humbly pray before dinner.  I can only look forward and make sure I get my daily walk and do my best to get the right amount of sleep.

I have to trust in God and those oncologists who say the "Wow - the prognosis is good."

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