Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cancer is a MoFo

Sorry about the swears.

The past few months, my family has taken various turns bringing mom to the doctor because of stomach issues. Mom knew something was seriously wrong.  She didn't feel like they were taking her seriously. A few weeks ago, she called the doctor and insisted they gather all her records and transfer them to Mayo Clinic.  That morning, they scheduled a CT Scan - she was admitted into the hospital on March 18th and given antibiotics by IV.  They told her she had diverticulitis.  On the 25th, they gave her another CT Scan.  On the 26th, they told her they wanted to remove the part of the colon that was infected. 

She wanted to be transferred to Mayo immediately. We helped her weigh the options as the doctor showed us all her CT scan reports.  She realized she would have to have the surgery in either Rochester or Grand Forks or wherever she went.  She met with the surgeon and asked him a bunch of questions and decided to stay in Grand Forks.

As standard procedure dictated, they biopsied her colon.  A few days later, the results showed there was cancer.

From what we know, the prognosis is good.  I can't help but think that it's still a bummer.  Cancer really is a MoFo.

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edk said...

I am so sorry your mom has cancer. The rates of recovery are so much better these days, but it is still a scary thing. Just the word sends spasms of horror through body, heart, and mind.

My prayers and thoughts will be with you through this experience. May you both be strong and courageous and grow closer. May the Lord hold you close and grant you peace.