Monday, May 9, 2011

A Day of Caring

Last Friday, our school had their annual Day of Caring.  People sign up for help around their yards and the kids, grade 7 through 12,  head out with window wash, rakes, and whatever it takes to spiffy up the community.  We go to parks, shut-ins, senior centers, or cemeteries.  We take buses to the communities all over the county and invade with giggles and and squeegees!

I was at a beautiful cemetery in Brooks with a handful of kids.  The kids were able and willing.  I learned more about some of my students then I ever thought.  I knew instantly whom I'd give a job recommendation.  I was amazed at their work ethic. 

I also had to giggle at the kids who were like me at that age, who just thought that by being there and holding a rake they were amazing.  Ha!  I was so silly.  I cut them a little slack in my head and directed them over to a pile of leaves.

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