Monday, May 2, 2011

My Protector

Missi was always so bossy.  When I was first born, she called me "the baby."  Well, for cryin' out-loud - I wasn't a baby!

When I was five, my grandma's dog bit my cheek.  Most of what I remember is only a secondary memory of what Missi told me about that scary night.  She reminded me of the dog crying in confusion - and how we had ordered pizza delivery - She also remembered that we fed the dog "lots of candy" beforehand.  I hadn't remembered those things until she told me about it.  Missi would have been seven when that happened.  Both of us were very afraid of dogs after that.  I got over it when we finally got a dog out at the farm - but Missi is still afraid of dogs - I'm sure it's because she remembers what my cheek looked like after the dog tore it up.

I also remember the first time I drove on ice.  Of course, we ended up in the ditch.  One guy offered us a ride, and I almost got in his car.  "Ummmm No."  I thought she was paranoid.  I didn't even think about the fact that he was going away from Thief River rather toward.  Missi and I waited until a lady from town saw us - we knew her personally - we could trust her.

One summer we got swimmer's itch.  We were at Lake of the Woods and didn't have running water - we thought the mosquitoes were bad - so we kept on swimming...... Oh we were so itchy. That's when we found out about something called aloe vera.

Well lucky, she's pretty bossy with this cancer.  And she's bossying it out of her bloodstream.  Wednesday, she'll get another biopsy to see if that intensive therapy did its job. 

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