Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving In

Missi was released from the hospital!  Hooray!  Oh Hooray!  Mom and Dad drove Nathan down to Rochester so Nathan could be her caregiver. For the next few weeks, Missi will have doctors appointments checking out her blood counts - the doctors are being tight-lipped if this means for a bone marrow transplant soon - or if it means she will start consolidation chemotherapy after the next bone marrow biopsy on May 31st.

I talked to Missi several times throughout the day, and I could tell she was so excited.  She was breaking out of her prison and going to the Hope Lodge - one block away!!!

I'm so happy for her.

The last time I talked to Missi Sue she told me about the teenage girl who was moving in to the same exact hospital room Missi had..

"Do you get a bigger room, now?"  She asked Missi.

"No - I'm in remission - I'm going to the Hope Lodge."

These two face the same exact Leukemia - In fact this is the same Leukemia portrayed in My Sister's Keeper.  This fact came up in the conversation.

Missi looked at the girl and told her "Listen! That movie exaggerates this disease.  Kids have great outcomes - You're going to be just fine.  I'm you - four weeks from now."

I'm sure those parents were scared beyond belief thinking about their daughter having the same disease portrayed in the blockbuster hit.

Missi always has hated that movie.  Why not give people hope? 

I think about that young woman sitting in Missi's room - away from her friends and family like Missi- and I'm so proud of her for being such a fighter.

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