Monday, May 23, 2011

The Lucky Ones

Last Wednesday, I drove to the Altru Cancer Center in Grand Forks to be tested to see if my bone marrow matches up with Missi Sue's.  This is the first time I had been to the facility - it's beautiful! 

The ladies at the front asked me who I was testing for and when I said "Melissa Peterson."  They both smiled.  "Ohhh...  we're rooting for her!!" 

"Me too!"  I smiled.  "My brother came yesterday with my mom- Vicki Guillemette..?" 

"Vicki is your mom!!!'


"She had us laughing all day - oh lucky you to have Vicki and Missi"

I laughed..

I noticed a beautiful quilt on a grand piano - a wife of a cancer patient made it - There's a drawing; I hope  mom remembered to sign herself up.  On the main reception desk, there's a bowl of hats and scarves - free for the taking.

"Do you accept hand made donations?"

"Those are the favorites."

I got a little excited.  I love to crochet and have the perfect pattern.

My blood was collected, and they sent me along my way.  I felt humbled by these ladies making this their life's work.  I thanked them for being so compassionate with me and my family...

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