Thursday, November 20, 2008

How I Met Allison, or What I was Doing Seven Years Ago Today

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Allison?

I was due November 21, and I was big. Very big. Because Natalie had weighed 10 lbs 1 oz, Dr. Zeller wanted to do a C-section which that was great for me. I wanted Allison to have the safest delivery possible. I was worried as Natalie had broken her clavicle in birth.

I was scheduled for 10:30am November 21 for Allison's delivery.

Well, on the 20th we sent Natalie to Missi's to await the big morning. At
10:00 we sat down to watch a movie.

"Oh my gosh, I think I just peed my pants." I announced to Jason and Corey who had been visiting us.

I went upstairs to change.

We started the movie again.

"Not again."

This happened a few times until Corey piped up "Maybe your water broke."

"But I'm scheduled for tomorrow at 10:30 a. m."

It turns out that, yes indeed, it took a man to convince me I was in

The nurses checked me and told me to sleep until I started to have pains. My labor started at 2:00! At 2:30, they brought me into surgery. I remember being scared
that I would have to push her out. (they were expecting a 12 lb baby) They
were ready, but my blood pressure was raising and raising. I finally asked for Jason.

"Oh yeah... he can come in now."

My blood pressure went down after that. I remember holding his hand and it
was all better. I wouldn't have to deliver my giant girl. She was only 10
lbs 5.3 oz. She came out smiling... Allison had it made.

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