Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dirt and Leaves...

As I've mentioned before, I was a brat growing up. Well, we all were. I remember one neighbor who didn't like us scrambling over their yard. I think I actually threw a crab apple or two into that yard, just to show them. I wonder why they moved? Hmmm?

I used to love climbing trees. Did I mention this? I may have. One of my favorite yards in the neighborhood was the yard with the crab apple tree. My friends and I sat in the crab apple tree for hours until one of us would announce for no particular reason.

"I gotta go."

And run very quickly to their own home.

This yard also had some very tall spruce trees that I climbed. What about sap you ask? I didn't do laundry back then, silly.

One time up on that tree, one of my friends convinced me that I was invisible and no one could hear what I was saying. Just then, I saw my unsuspecting parents in our backyard across the alley. My mom was hanging clothes up on the clothesline. My dad was working up the garden.

She dared me to holler out the S word.

"Sh#t!" I hollered.

"Roberta Louise Guillemette! Get down from that tree now! Your @ss is grass!"


snooky said...

Oh, Bobby, and you think you've changed much? Sounds like you were the same funny girl you are today!

Minnesotalady said...

thanks! :)