Friday, November 7, 2008

Ten Years Ago on This Day...

I was in labor.

Actually, I started labor about 12:00 on November 6th. My water broke. I thought I peed my pants.

I changed pants and celebrated my last day of work with some co-workers. I remember having a Filet Mignon at Whitey's. It was fabulous.

Afterwards, I went home and fell asleep. When Jason came home that night, he found me still in bed miserable. At midnight, I had a feeling I was in labor.

I remember driving around Grand Forks trying to think of things to do before going in to the hospital. After fifteen minutes, we decided to call the hospital.

I remember they gave me a test, and it turned positive that my water had broken! I did not pee in my pants after all! !

Natalie June Aakhus was born at 12:08 that afternoon. After twenty- four hours of various stages of labor, I had my ten pound package in my arms.

A lot of images pass through my mind about that day.

I remember

Falling asleep between urges to push.

The expressions of the doctors and staff as she came into the world bigger than most one month old babies.

Being so cold and having nurses wrap me in hot blankets.

An intern actually yelling at me to relax as he was sewing up my tears.

My daughter crying because her mom coudn't figure out how to feed her.

The first time being hungry for normal food after nine months of constant vomiting.

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