Sunday, January 11, 2009

Allison's New Glasses

Allie got her new glasses. She got them in the mail on Friday. She was thrilled. For years Allison has been taking out Natalie and my glasses and putting them on herself. Now she has her very own pair.

At the hockey and basketball games this past weekend, she has been going into everyone's face asking them if they like her new glasses.

"Do you like my new glasses? They are a pink- sugar color with rhinestones."


Allison's cousin Mariah is mad. Mariah wants glasses now. She wouldn't even sit next to Allison at lunch yesterday.

Allison can't wait for the big day tomorrow when she enters the school and shows the entire world her new pink-sugar glasses with rhinestones on the side.


Anonymous said...

Glasses are alot like having an opinion I guess, it really depends on what side you are looking.

In case she asks, tell her that Justamama thought her new glasses were the BEST! (Pink being my favorite color I may indeed be partial in my response).

Minnesotalady said...

Love it!!!!

Just last night, I thought of you when JBird put some bleach in a bucket.

Awww... reminds me of Justamomma.