Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Loud Poetry

For the past few days, the students have been reciting their poetry out loud for Poetry Out Loud. Today, the students are making flash cards. On one side of the card they are putting two to three lines of the poems. On the other side of the flashcard, they are drawing a picture that will help them visualize those lines.

After a half hour coloring, the students put away their flashcards and worked on their memorization skills. My room got very loud as many different poems were being recited at once.

The words of Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou, Margaret Atwood, Robert Browning, and many more are being murmured within my classroom walls. It's exciting.

The students are coming up to me with their poems and asking me what I think of a certain line and what it might mean. For the most part, the student's intuition was right and when I help them confirm their thoughts, they smile. The poem is etched a little deeper into their hearts.

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