Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We had bacon cheese burgers and tater tots for lunch... Whenever we have tater tots at school I'm reminded of this...


Anonymous said...

*Big sigh*...Smells and tastes are such strong initiators of memories aren't they? Take for instance the smell of chlorine bleach. Bleach is an unassuming chemical. For the most part it is the unsung hero in the modern world at keeping so many illnesses at bay. Bleach keeps my towels from growing laboratory experiments after finding them on the bathroom floor.

Bleach has a distinctive bottle I dare say iconic. Bleach also has a very distinct odor/smell that is unmistakable. This brings me back to the idea that smells can evoke such strong memories. The smell of bleach, depending on the strength involved, reminds me of being in my 20's and being in super shape. It reminds me of going to the YMCA in Jamestown, ND to lift weights and work out.

The smell of bleach in the washing machine reminds me of my grandma's house when I was a 3rd grader and we lived with her briefly.

One of my fondest memories though is from this summer. The smell of chlorine reminds me of summer swimming lessons and sitting by the city pool in our small town while chatting with one of my favorite Minnesota ladies. The smell of bleach, creating the pull on my memory shook loose the website address for this wonderful blog and brought me back here finally after a long absense.

It's too bad that bleach doesn't have spell check.

So following along then in this hightened train of thought...perhaps students who were attempting to memorize oh, say poetry for example could be trained to the extent of Pavlov's dogs with the smell of Tator Tots?

Teach poetry each day precisely before the dinner bell rings and have a fan blowing from the direction of the kitchen.

Then, on the big day of a recital or test a person could bring in a container of freshly baked Tator Tots and waff the smell around the room thus exciting the memories of the test subjects, I mean small students. If all goes poorly at the very least you will have a great jump start on eating your lunch that day.

Thank you for this blog and for allowing person's such as myself, fresh from the street as it were to just come in, pull up a chair and share some memories with you.

Take care,

Minnesotalady said...

The comments on here are better than the blog!