Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you're my friend on facebook, you've probably already read this.


I love lists!!!

1. I detest bickering.

2. I like fixing comma splices. I feel smart.

3. I make grammatical errors all the time. They make me cringe.

4. I hate housework.

5. I like hot coffee in the morning. I take it with cream. I crave Bailey's, but I can control myself.

6. I love my husband. The thought of double dipping repulses me.

7. I love teaching. I'm a workaholic. Sometimes, I think about teaching so much I forget about my own family. I'm selfish that way.

8. I miss traveling. I used to travel a lot with my parents. Now, I don't travel as often. I mourn not traveling.

9. I like expensive shoes. I love a nice leather. I like nice purses. :) I'm nuts that way.

10. I have a fear of crazy church. I don't like the idea of experimenting with churches. I don't want to find myself in a big room full of people who belittle others. I'm scared of sexist pigs hiding behind bibles. I'm scared of child beaters hiding behind bibles.

11. I swear. A lot. In private.

12. I won't swear in front of your kids. I hate when people swear too much out in the open in front of little kids.

13. I wish I was a better mom. I wish I had the right push at the right time. I let things slide too much.

14. My favorite color is red. I love red. It just makes me happy.

15. You probably already know this, but when I'm tired, I lose things. A lot. I still remember retracing my steps to Hornbacher's with Belden in college looking for my glasses. We never found that pair.

16. I hate chatting on the phone. Now that I'm a teacher. I talk all day. I hate small talk on the phone. I don't want to talk if I don't have to. I come home and don't say much. It's a surprise to me.

17. I can control my alcohol intake. I respect alcoholic drinks. :) I can not control my sweets. :(

18. I miss my grandma. When she died, I was pissed that I couldn't call her and tell her she died. I needed her comforting for her death.

19. When good things happen to my friends, I don't get jealous. I'm very happy for them.

20. I'm learning to keep a secret.

21. Sometimes, I forget that my students are not my kids. They have real parents at the end of the day.

22. I'm learning I can't save every student. I can only try.

23. I'm learning that sometimes I'm a bitch. And that's ok.

24. I've been married to Jason for 12 years.


Anonymous said...

In my humblest of opinions, during any event in our life needing comfort and grief, a common bond is the supporting underwire that gets us through.

When we think and talk about grief of course the first thing that leaps to our immaginations is death.

Having been a Hospice nurse for four years I have given quite a bit of thought to grief, grieving, death and how our western culture deals with this topic.

I have to say here that upon reading your statement in your lists...I will quote here, "18. I miss my grandma. When she died, I was pissed that I couldn't call her and tell her she died. I needed her comforting for her death." I think this is a pretty profound statement.

This statement although included in a 'list' should really be included in grief manuals for anyone interested in reading them.

It's such a simple statement but yet at the same time it speaks volumes. The one person with home we would seek comfort when something tragic has happened is not there because they have died. That would indeed incite some anger now wouldn't it? A feeling of being let down, "Where are you when I need you?".

That got me thinking also about how maybe in life, this life that we are in without say, maybe in this life it truly is the simple explanations such as your one sentence in your list that actually helps us understand and acknowledge situations best.

Thank you for your frank openess in discussing something so very private.

Most respectfully,


Anonymous said...

P.S. In my passion type my thoughts out, I have come to the conclusion that as my thoughts are traveling from my brain down my arm and out of my fingertips somewhere along the line there is a spelling gremlin that purposely jumbles the words.

I am a bad speller.

I should go to a support group.


Minnesotalady said...

Thanks! Have you read "On Death and Dying?" I bet you have. I appreciate your comments.