Thursday, January 29, 2009

It all started when I ran over my glasses....

Last friday as I drove to school, I put on my sunglasses. When I got to school, I couldn't find my regular glasses. I hoped they were in my purse. When class started, I reached into my purse and didn't find them. I searched every nook and cranny.

During my prep, I ran to the store and took one last look for my glasses. I got out of my car and looked down. There they were right under the car tire. And so... there I am in my glasses.

Saturday was a perfect day with Jason drinking tea in coffee shops and browsing photos in a photo show. We went to the movie "Gran Torino" staring Clint Eastwood. I loved the movie. I fell in love with Clint Eastwood. Of course, I started making connections to "The Outsiders" and wondered if my students watched the movie too. My mind always works that way.

Sunday. Well. Sunday was not a perfect day. Our pipes were frozen. I couldn't wash dishes nor clothes. In the meantime, Jason was going to fix the brakes of my mini-van, and I helped him clear a space in the garage for my big red beast. As I ran outside to get something out of the van, I fell on some ice and landed on my big red bum. I felt every vertebrae jar into the other. I looked at J and said "I felt that."

Later that night, I washed dishes. The pipes in the kitchen thawed. I eyed the pile of clothes sitting by my washer. The pile was high. So high I knew we were desperate.

I walked over to the washer and put my fingers down the "out" pipe. The water was so cold. I took a stick and slushed it around and added more hot water. That water was going no where.

Finally, Jason and I devised a plan. I filled the washing machine with all the necessaries. I let the machine go through its regular cycle. When it was time for the water to drain, I took the hose and connected it to a longer hose and had the water empty into a rubbermaid container. Then, I pulled the rubbermaid container and emptied it bucket by bucket into the sink.

I was feeling pretty smart.

As I was doing my third load of laundry, I held on to the hose with one hand and folded some laundry with the other. I smugly smiled at my cleverness. When it came time for the water to drain, I clasped at the hose, but suddenly, the hose disconnected and started flingly wildly. Water flew at me at all directions. Water was leaking on to the floor.

Everything was a mess.

And so there I stood, mopping the water up when I suddenly heard the gurgle of water. Water draining from the out pipe down into our septic tank. The pipes had finally thawed.

Mother Nature had the last laugh after all.

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