Wednesday, June 3, 2009

and the Bees...

Jason bought another swarm. Last year's swarm made it through the winter, but Jason found no trace of a queen. It was only a matter of time before the swarm would last without a queen.

Jason bought another swarm. When the bees arrived, he joyfully put them in their deluxe handmade hive and waited to hear the buzzing. They buzzed and made themselves at home. A few days later, Jason was upset with himself.

"Dang! I forgot to let out their queen."

By the time he realized this, it was too late. The freed queen died within a few days.

Jason called the company and ordered a new queen.

The queen arrived over Memorial Day weekend. Jbird rejoiced at the thought of his bees having a queen. He did his part to set the queen free and came back the next day to check on them.

Jason skipped, as he usually does to check on his bees.

There was something wrong. One of the hives did not buzz? What was the matter?

Evidently, that new queen had taken the swarm and ran errr... flew?

This infuriated Jason to no end. He imagined her plotting and undermining his authority... OH the agony of it all. Oh... the betrayal.

In all of Jason's reading, he had only heard of this happening once.

That night, as I tucked myself into bed. He climbed in beside me and whispered "If only I had paid the extra dollar to have the Queen's wings clipped."


TeacherScribe said...

Isn't that what every husband thinks once in awhile? Sorry, I couldn't resist it!

Minnesotalady said...

I hadn't thought of that!