Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Birds....

So... Jason is at it again. He's hatched four eggs this spring. Yeah.. that's right, he sat on them for twenty-one days.

Well, maybe not. But he did put them in an incubator and flip them everyday. He didn't experience morning sickness or fluid retention. Jbird's maternal instincts are a little less invasive.

He's proud of the baby chicks. We've named them. Sort of. We have Peep, The Twins, and Cluck Norris. Cluck Norris is the chicken that has the most ambition and ninja skills. This chicken grew feathers two days after he popped out of the egg.

When the boogie man goes to bed, he checks under his bed for Cluck Norris.

There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Cluck Norris lives in Red Lake Falls.

Cluck Norris can divide by zero.

Cluck Norris didn't hatch from the egg, he round house kicked his way out!

Yeah, you get the idea.

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