Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Someone Who Matters

I think I've mentioned that I use a lot of life stories when teaching. Personally, my life is a little drab and boring so I'm always stealing more interesting lives to talk about. I talk a lot about the global studies students in the past, but there are there are four people I mention all the time in my teaching - Grandma Shirley, Bellhop, Oscar, and Jason. Of course, I talk about others too. I know a lot of interesting and fun people.

Jason seems to be one of their favorite "characters." For one thing, Jason's rocker reputation blows their minds. His long blond hair and his biker boots get them thinking. Some of the basketball players found his picture at Oklee High School and enjoyed his odd-ball picture immensely.

"Mrs. Aakhus, why did he wear a light blue suit?"

- "It was gray."

"Mrs. Aakhus, why doesn't Mr. Aakhus get a haircut?"

- "Why does his long hair bother you?"

"It doesn't. But... you know..."

"Mrs. Aakhus, did Mr. Aakhus really build a guitar for your daughter?"

- "Yes."

"Can you bring it?"

- "Mr. Aakhus needs to fix it."

One of my students wrote a respectful letter to Jason requesting he speed up on that one.

It went something like this...

Dear Mr. Aakhus,

How are you? Mrs. Aakhus has told us you have built a pink guitar for your daughter Natalie. We were hoping you would hurry up and fix it. We'd like to see it please.


Second hour class.

Jason fixed the guitar that night. I used this new phenomena to my advantage.

- "Would you help a girl out?" I asked second hour.


They wrote another letter for me.

Dear Mr. Aakhus,

Thank you for fixing the guitar. It is beautiful. Mrs. Aakhus was wondering if you could fix Natalie's dresser. That would really make Mrs. Aakhus' life better, and we love her.


Second hour


snooky said...

Cute story. Did it work? Did he fix the dresser?

Minnesotalady said...

:) We threw it out! I declared it not worth fixing. :)