Monday, June 8, 2009

Supper at Uncle Bill's

Only in Red Lake Falls...

Jason and I took the girls to eat at Uncle Bill's. What is Uncle Bill's? Well, it's our version of Dairy Queen or Tasty Freeze.

We ordered our meals and sat down at one of the booths by the window. Now, the best time to go to Uncle Bill's is on a Saturday at about 6:00. That way, your food will be ready before the Catholics are done with church at 6:15 or 6:30 depending on if they leave right after communion or make it through the full hour with the blessing and everything.

We waited for our taco wrap while the girls waited for the drummie baskets and cheeseburgers. One of the Saturday night regulars came in.

We were all happy to see "Gerty." We were pleased to hear of the new great grandchild born in Ada, Minnesota.

And another Uncle Bill's regular, let's call her umm.... Elvira, came in. Everytime Elvira sees me she says... "Hey.... you're married to the Aakhus from the McIntosh area. You know that's where I from."

She gives me time to nod.

"You live north of town. Right?"


Elvira yells when she talks. She's going deaf. "Your grandfather was friends with my husband Clarence."

I smile. We go through this everytime.

"Your grandpa died young. Christmas Day."

And as an afterthought...

"That doesn't make you sad does it?"

"Errrr... no. I never met him."

"Oh... Well, I was invited to three graduations today. I'm full." She hollers to the owner; "Sorry, I won't give you business today." She turns to Gerty; "I'm going to sit next to you now."

"Oh... she's a good one to sit with!" I say.

"Thanks. " says Gerty with not a lot of gratitude.

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