Sunday, June 28, 2009

7th Grade Communications

Ode to Class of 2013

Cheerful, Helpful

Joyful, Thoughtful


I Love this Class

Oh! I love this class

Packets, Papers,

Paragraphs, Poems


I love this class.

Oh! I love this Class.

Flaming Chickens, Flaming Flames,

Equipo Alegre, Team Dynamite,

Equipo Rapido

I love this class!

Oh! I love this class.

Reading, Writing

Learning, Teaching


I Love this Class!

Oh! I love this class.

Whisper, Chatter,

Smile, Laughter,


I love this class!

Oh! I love this class!

My first class

7th Grade Communications.

Mrs. Paulson

I love this class!

Love Always,

Mrs. Aakhus

I just found this. I wrote this last year to the class I student taught in Thief River. I had forgotten about this poem. I didn't write one for this year's class. I should get on that.

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