Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everything I ever needed to learn, I learned from my Wii.

This Christmas, we got a Wii from Santa. Hooray! The children were happy. I was happy. Jason was happy? After heading out to grandma's house, we returned to set up the Wii.

Watching the girls play the Wii, I've heard a lot of yelling. I've heard a lot of cheering. I've seen two little girls box with their kooky dances. I've realized there's a lot I've learned from our Wii.

1. Wait your turn.

We all need to wait in line. Do it with grace.

2. Be a good sport.

Don't cry if you lose a game. We all lose sometime or another. It's not the Wii's fault. You're not changing the Wii if you yell at it.

3. Practice. If you want to be good, you need to practice. Practice with grace... again, be a good sport.

4. Have fun. Together. Laugh.


snookyk said...

This is something I can enjoy with the grandchildren. And I do. Particularly the bowling. Not often; I seldom see them.

I've even considered purchasing one for myself. Would that be ridiculous?

Do you have the WiiFit? At least one of my daughters-in-law is using it as an aid in her weight-loss program. It looks like it is working.

Minnesotalady said...

I want the WiiFit! :) I bet you'd love it. I love the bowling!!! :)