Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Go Home.

Last night, I decided to get the girls checked out in urgent care.  After 48 hours of fighting 104 temps with Allison, I started to worry that she had strep throat.  I brought Natalie along because they had both been coughing seriously WITH. OUT. COVERING. THEIR MOUTHS.   sighh....

Well...I think the girls will survive.  Allie has a sinus infection on top of the flu and Nat?  Who know's?  She has fever spikes- So we're at home again today.

After our visit to urgent care, I stopped at Walmart to get some supplies for the girls.  Jason stayed in the car while I was to sprint through the store grabbing Jello and Gaterade.  As I was by the apples, I noticed I stepped in something.

A little girl puked.

Oh the poor thing.

The parents calmly brought her to the bathroom while I noted to myself to change my pants when I got home.

As I piled supplies in to my cart, I noticed both parents in Walmart looking at DVD players and various stereo equipment.  The little girl sat quietly in the grocery cart waiting for her parents to finish shopping.

I wanted to scream at them...

"Just go home.  Grab your Gaterade and go home."


"Just bring her to the car so she doesn't puke on my shoes again."

(As I write this, I can think of a time when I stayed instead of going home.  And boy oh boy - I'm not sure if I'll share that story.)

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