Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Scare.

This afternoon, my mom treated the girls and I to a movie -  we saw Gnomio and Juliet.   Afterward, we ran into to Target to pick up some Valentines.  Nat asked to stay in the car to listen to the radio.  I didn't see a problem with it.  She's twelve.

I told her to lock all the doors and headed into the store.

When I came back with my mom, Allison, and my niece, I couldn't find the car where I had thought I had parked it.

It wasn't that I couldn't find the car that scared me.  It was that I couldn't find Natalie.

I turned to mom - "I'm scared."

I had just seen a car very similar to mine leave the parking long.

My heart squeezed real tight.  I tried not to think of Dru Sjodin or Julie Holmquist. (Two young women, from the area, who lost their lives to a horrific deaths.)

I ran throughout the parking lot just to be sure one last time before I called 911.

Two rows down, I saw a door open.  Natalie waved to me.  "Hey mom... what took you so long?"

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