Saturday, February 5, 2011

Orbitz Worst Nightmare

I'm's worst nightmare.  Or's ..  Or 

I love to go on travel websites and pretend to book trips.  Last week, I made elaborate plans to go on an Alaskan cruise with Jason and the girls.  We were to leave fom Seattle on June 4th and return the 11th.

I even priced out Dramamine because I was pretty sure I'd be sea sick the first few days.

I had thought about driving to Ketchikan, AK, but then, I'd have to drive through Canada.  And psst...  Canada is big.  And sort of boring.  Kinda like driving through North Dakota but bigger.

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 Aaaahhh never mind - look at all those mountains -

But then, I'd have to drive through the mountains.  Yikes!  Driving though mountains isn't easy.  And Jason makes me drive. I can't always put my feet on the dash and holler "Mush" as he takes me to my desired destination.

To add to orbitz' annoyance, I pretend booked trips to DisneyWorld - but guess what?  Suncountry has better deals - and traveler's can leave from the smaller airport in MSP.  And save like $1,000 for a family of four. 

I've also been comparing trips via amtrak and plane to head out to Chesapeake to see J's aunt and uncle.  So - Amtrak is annoyed with me because I pretend to go on trips with them, too. 

I didn't book any of those trips.  I will though.  After paying off some major bills, our cash-flow situation has improved...  So maybe Orbitz, Suncountry, and Amtrak will finally  reap the benefits of our diligence.

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