Saturday, February 26, 2011

Slowing Down and Learning.

I've been in the Spanish classroom since November. 

We've only covered a chapter and a half since then.  We are having our second chapter test on Tuesday. 

I'm at odds. I'm not used to spending eight weeks on one chapter.  As we have been reviewing for the test on Tuesday,  I've realized all the students have learned since I've been there.

1.  25 new verbs.

2.  That all AR verbs are conjugated the same way.

3. The deal with the personal a - it's not translatable...  but it is learnable.

4. They've written two mini books and countless paragraphs.

5.  They've read several selections in Spanish and discovered that yes, they can read it.

6.  They are learning about the culture and national struggles of  Latin America and Spain.

I'm amazed at how much they know.  For the first time in my teaching career, the learning process is completely objective.

I can see what they know.  I can see almost instantly that they are confused.  At times, I'm shocked - Gwarsh - they understood that...

I'm amazed at what they know at what they can write.  I'm amazed that they can read.  I'll write messages and letters to them, and they can write back.

I could never explain how completely difficult it was to follow in my predecessor's steps. It's hard to follow that up.

Eventually, I just had to figure it out with the help of the para in my room.  I'm teaching a course where there is no standardized test.  I'm not in a race to that April deadline.  We can just learn because we can.

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