Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Confirmed Truth

The other day I was having a conversation with my mom about rumors and gossip and their differences.

She defined gossip as "nontruths or rumors."   I define gossip as "anything you don't want the person you're talking about hearing what you just said about them."

"Whaatttt?  That's not gossip - if it's true Bobbi, it's not gossip - it's just sharing what you know - it's sharing knowledge."

Now, of course, mom doesn't think all knowledge needs to be repeated...  some knowledge can be kept to herself.  Mom won't go and repeat who is sleeping with whom with just anyone.  She's just saying that if it's true it's not gossiping.  I'm saying if you're repeating something that someone wouldn't want you to repeat then, well, that's gossiping.

This becomes my moral dilemna.  I'm a story teller by nature.  There's some mighty fine interesting stories out there - and well, there's some mighty fine stories that have come my way. The reporter I am makes me want to tell the story and make sure everyone knows how juicy it is - 

I've decided to button my lips.

It's not easy I'm tellin' ya - it's not easy.

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