Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lake of the Woods...

This weekend, we went to Lake of the Woods at Warroad, MN.

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My mom was thrilled because we were meeting them up there. At 4:00 Thursday afternoon, she called and told us she was leaving. "O.K." I said and told her we would call her when we got there.

At 5:30, she called and asked if we had left yet. We were just leaving the house and had all of the animals fed and ready for my brother-in-law to check in on.

At 5:45, she called and asked where we were.

"Mom? We're only in St. Hilaire. We have to stop by Walmart and pick up some fishing lures and will eat somewhere in Thief River."

At 6:15, my mom called again.

"Where are you?"

"Mom, we are eating at Subway."

"What? You're only eating." She sighed and hung up.

At 7:00, she called us.

"Where are you?"

"Between Middle River and Greenbush."

"Oh. We are eating at Earl's in Roseau."


Jason was starting to get annoyed. I told him to relax and go back to sleep.

My mom mixed things up a bit and called us at 8:00.

"Where are you?"

"Right outside of Roseau."


We got to Warroad put our things in our room and drove down to the lake. Mom took us on a tour of where everyone in town camps, and we crashed a campfire or two before heading back to the hotel.

The next morning, my dad took us fishing in his new boat.

Lake of the Woods is renown for its fishing. Sometimes, one can watch a fishing show and see the professionals fishing on Lake of the Woods. One of my mom's friend's even caught a sturgeon there once. My dad is obsessed with fishing. I mean this guy has even went to Brazil to go fishing on the Amazon. I suppose fishing would be dad's personal legend.

We had a blast! The girls loved it.

For about an hour. After not catching anything, they were done with fishing for the day.

So, for the next three hours we heard them complain about how bored they were. I gave them my ipod, but it didn't have the songs they liked. I gave them paper, but they didn't want to draw.

Finally, we decided the girls should go in for the day. Jason went back to the hotel to sleep, dad went back out to the lake, and mom and I took the girls out to a drive to Rocky Point.

I wanted to see the place I used to go with my family while growing up. We used to meet Grandma Shirley and Roy up at Franks'. Frank was an old bachelor who rented out lots for the summer. His lots were $100. Of course, there was no running water, and we took our baths in the lake.

When we got to Franks' we were discouraged to see the "No Trespassing" signs everywhere. Instead we went to Arnesons' at Rocky Point. We walked out to the docks, and I pointed out the rock island I used to dream about as a girl. The girls admired the beautiful scenery then, hopped into our red mini-van and drove back to the hotel.


snookyk said...

Sounds like you all had a good time. That's great!

Minnesotalady said...

Sure did! I saw some advertisements for some rodeo up there? In Greenbush? I'm thinking you know something about that!