Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grandma Tracy is a Rock Star!

Every two years, the Aakhus family has a family reunion somewhere in Northern Minnesota. When J and I first got married, I was somewhat grumpy that I had to go to a family reunion. I mean, I didn't even know these people.

I was so wrong.

I can't believe I wasted all that time whining in my head!

Every two years I look forward to that weekend in July where we meet and go through family pictures and discuss family stories. The Aakhus family has all sorts of great family stories. Jason's Great-Grandpa Tallak had three wives with twelve kids.

No no... he wasn't Mormon; his first two wives died young.

Now, Grandma Tracy married the youngest of the twelve, and so, she was the youngest of the aunties. In fact, She is the only auntie left of that generation!

And this is why when we go to these family reunions all of the grandchildren run from across the room and hug Grandma Tracy! She is the rock star of the family. She has adoring fans surrounding her throughout the reunion.

One of my favorite memories is when I ate lunch at Ron and Marcia's house the first time I went to a reunion. I remember enjoying the picnic and thinking what great hosts this couple was and how nice there kids are. Little did I know at the time, Ron and Marcia are old family friends of mine. My mom and dad have been friends with Ron and Marcia since 1986. When I was young, I'd go to the Rural Electric Association conventions with my dad at Breezy Point and the Holiday Inn in St. Cloud. We'd swim in the pool with other Electric Brats and have a jolly old time.

One evening, My mom and Marcia were sitting together for supper at Breezy Point while discussing their Norwegian Heritage. Marcia said to my mom; "My mom's maiden name was Aakhus. That is as Norwegian as it gets!"

My mom's mouth dropped!

"My daughter married an Aakhus!"

Funny how I could enjoy a day at the reunion and not recognize Marcia or her daughters!

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Norsk said...

Tracy sure was a Rock Star. I will forever miss my Auntie Tracy! I recall seeing her at every Aakhus reunion since the early 70's and late 60's. Whenever my Uncle Chat and I were in McIntosh we would mow tracy's yard at the farm and when we finished she always provided fresh lemonade to quench our thirst!
Thanks to my Cousin Bobbi for posting this story about Tracy the Rock Star! See you at the next reunion!

Jeff Aakhus (oldest one) :-)