Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Watch your kids at the pool....

1. Don't let them dive into the shallow end. I freak every time I see your kid do this. You may be talking to your friends... so, perhaps it doesn't bother you. But I cringe lady.

2. Keep them in the shallow end of the pool until they can swim. I watched your little boy bob up and down to the ladder as he took a deep breath. He gotter done... but man. I was scared.

Dang. I know... I'm fussy ain't I? I used to manage the pool. I used to be the lifeguard who blew her whistle constantly yelling "Walk... Walk..." There's a reason for this ladies. The deck is slippery. Even for your kid. The deck is slippery.

I almost lost a kid. She dove in the deep end the water and floated to the top on the shallow end. LADIES.... this girl almost died. These lifeguards are trained sure... but they are only fifteen!

LADY- this girl would have died if a doctor hadn't miraculously entered the facility. Only he opened her airway.

Come now ladies.

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