Thursday, October 6, 2011

April Fools

The night of mom's surgery, Missi and I went to see her in the hospital.  Missi and I walked from the parking lot to mom's room.  I remember looking at Missi and thinking she looked odd.  I remember thinking how strange it was that Missi was huffing and puffing with the short walk we had just taken.  I wondered why she seemed so bloated and had a yellow tint to her skin.  I thought she looked like she had cancer.  We walked into mom's room, and I was shocked that mom seemed to have the same tint to her skin.  I half-wondered to myself if both these ladies had cancer and pooh poohed myself with the thought that I was imagining things.

Mom and dad learned how to change mom's bag and practiced it over and over.  Eventually, mom was moved into a private room and was shocked on April Fool's morning when her doctor came in and told her biopsy had shown cancer in what they had removed and two lymph nodes close to the intestine.

When mom had told us, we were in shock. It seemed like a horrible April Fool's joke.  Mom was diagnosed with Stage 2.5 Colon Cancer and told that she would have 12 treatments over the course of 6 months.  She would have to wait six weeks after chemo to have her reconstructive surgery.  Mom wouldn't have her surger until December.

Mom was in the hospital that day that Missi found out she had cancer.  Missi had a blood smear test and found that she had "blasts" in her blood.  (Blasts are white blood cells that develop immaturely and cause platelet and red blood cells to drop)  Missi's husband and she waited for dad, and they all told her together that Missi would be fighting the fight of her life, too.

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