Sunday, October 2, 2011


These last few months HAVE been difficult, but truthfully, it's pathetic that I don't have more sympathy for my mom and sister.  I've mostly been thinking about myself and how I feel sorry for myself.  What a num nutz.

  I hadn't put much thought into how much my sister must miss her husband and kids.  It should have been an obvious concern - but I'm pretty self-aborbed.

Also, I hadn't thought about how much pain she really is in.  I think about the swimmer's itch we had when I was eight and she was ten, and I can barely imagine what she's going through.  This evening, she told me she cried all day because she was in so much pain.

When I told her that the doctor  had she a set-back, she argued with me that that didn't mean she'd have to be there the full 100 days.  She wants to go home in sixty days.  I told her "Well, if the doctor says you can come home on November 1st, that's when you'll come home.  We won't argue with him."  She started crying again I'm not sure if it's because she was relieved or just because she missed her kids so much.

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