Thursday, October 6, 2011

In the Meantime... People just don't talk about colons....

Mom  had been seen at Mayo and had a colonoscopy years ago.  She was told to have a colonoscopy every ten years.  What she didn't remember at the time was that her dad, who died of Aplastic Anemia when she was 13 had also had colon problems.  Because, evidentally, people just don't talk about colon problems. Was it cancer?  We have no idea.  Mom's mom had died nine years ago and wasn't here to remind or tell mom about grandpa's medical conditions.

If the doctor's had known this, I  think they would have taken my mom's complaints to heart, but it's hard to put together a puzzle when the pieces are misplaced.

My point is, of course, write down your family medical history - your children may need it one day.

Mom has had a difficult time adjusting to the bag.  Mom and dad had many mishaps with her "bag" along the way to Rochester or in Grand Forks.  She had to learn to help gas leak out of her bag before it would explode.  Did I say that?  Do I just confess one of my mom's most vulnerable,  horrible memories to an unknown amount of people?  Yes because she asked me to.

Mom and I drove down to Rochester in July.  On the way, mom looked down and saw she had a leak so we pulled over into the next gas station.  When she stood up, she saw that her bag had had a terrible leak - and she needed to change clothes.  I told her to rush in while I got the supplies.  We found our way into the handicapped stall and locked ourselves in.

Thank God there is such a thing as colostomy bags.  Truly Thank God - but at this moment I knew that I needed to be sure to take control of my own health.   I became more determined with my Food Revolution....  

As soon as mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, I started experiencing symptoms of colon cancer - and of course, a lot of the symptoms of colon cancer are symptoms of stress.  Nonetheless, we had a colonoscopy scheduled, and I was given the order to quit my Diet Coke Habit, lose some weight, exercise, and eat fiber as tolerated. 

After quitting Diet Coke, my symptoms went away, but I still had the colonoscopy.  I did have a polyp - but it's gone now - because I had the colonoscopy it isn't developing into cancer.  I will have another colonoscopy in five years.

I just pray that my readers will see this and know what my mom is going through and think about the fear of a colonoscopy and know that a colonoscopy is nothing - especially if they are experience some of the symptoms of colon cancer - the evening in the bathroom of your own home prepping is NO BIG DEAL compared to the afternoon in the bathroom that mom had on her way to Rochester.

Mom has reconstructive surgery scheduled on December 12th.  We pray that everything goes according to plan, and mom's ordeal will be in the past.

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