Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On Soul Mates

I like this.  It's mature.  I'm lucky enough to be with Jason for more than half my life - nineteen years and married fifteen...  I believe in soul mates, but I also believe in timing.  It turns out we had perfect timing.  There may be other soul mates in the world that would suit us fine, but we're happy right where we are - so we're not looking.

I think of friends who've had heartache and not spent their lives with their soul mates and were separated either by divorce or maybe even a hard break-up.  I hope their anger doesn't lessen the love they had shared.  It's probably hard to be as mature as Mr. Coehlo in this circumstance, but it's something to strive for anyways.

I like this guy, Mr. Coelho, he has a way of making everything beautiful, even hearbreak.

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