Friday, October 7, 2011


I love Homecoming at our school.  The seniors planned out the entire week and most of the decisions are left up to them.  These seniors have taken intuitive to make their homecoming memorable.

Yesterday, our day was shortened to half a day and the other half, we reported to the gym and played some fun games.  

The staff put together a collection of volleyball players and presented a challenge to the students.  Of course, the staff one fair and square (cough cough).  Of course, I was the cheerleader.  It's always good for a laugh to see the staff act silly, even just for an hour.  We got booed - but it was in good fun - it sort of reminded me of professional wrestling - we each had a role to play and the day ended in smiles.

After the first hour, the kids played games class against class.  It was fun to see them totally get involved in the games.  I don't think I saw one kid be excluded.  It was just nice to be together and smile at being us - at being the Mustangs and being the Rebels and being in the moment.

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